Now bare with me, its another lion post.

You know the story: Cecil was a lured out of safety, shot with a bow and arrow, shot with a rifle, skinned and beheaded.

Though I don’t practice it or share its views, I know hunting has been present in our world through generations as a means of sustenance. What I can’t comprehend is trophy hunting. Even that term itself makes me uncomfortable; trophy hunting. What is the trophy? People being able to prove their… power by taking another’s life?? Showing off the amount of money you can spend on this???I know there is a debate that goes on, that the money that these hunters spend, in this case 50,000 dollars goes to help maintain the cost of national reserve parks. My question is why can’t the money go straight to the reserve without the brutality of killing another animal??

As upset as I am about the killing of Cecil, I don’t want to mention the dentist’s name. I’m glad there is a huge uproar following this, however there are people out there who are so angry/hurt that will take physical actions against the named dentist and his family if chance be given. I don’t think that’s going to solve anything. You can’t drive out hate crimes with more hate. If there is a positive that can be taken from this issue, its that it has gotten people around the world more aware about wildlife preservation. Therefore as world citizens, we have to decide how to bring in the future years. Being proactive and compassionate to our fellow species, or turning a blind eye to illegal poaching and trophy hunting habits.

I also want to mention that there are a lot of people who say “what’s the big deal?”. To them its just a lion, its not that big of a deal, compared to the other problems the world faces. It might be logical to scale all the atrocities in the world in order of most important to least. However even the smallest atrocity is still an atrocity. I think if people rally behind a cause like this, its something to be happy about, not down play the attention its getting. Moreover, just because people care about this issue, doesn’t mean they aren’t just as involved in world hunger, wars around the world, and/or the many other important issues in the world. Let me tell you, I agree that there is a lot of wrong in this world, but there is a lot more compassion and love in this world to fight against it all.

I’ll end this rant with some food for thought:

  • In 1940s there were 450,000 lions in Africa, now their numbers may total less than 20,000.
  • We’ve lost more than 80-90% of the world’s lion population in recent decades due to massive habitat loss, disease, trophy hunters, and exotic animal trade.
  • Rhinos have been a part of this world for 40 million years! Yet at the turn of the 19th century, there were approximately one million rhinos. In 1970, there were around 70,000. Today, there are only around 28,000 rhinos surviving in the wild.
  • Specifically there are only 4 white rhinos left in the world!
  • Zimbabwe where Cecil was killed contributes 0.29% to GDP from trophy hunting
  • 17% Of Zimbabwe’s land is given to trophy hunting
  • The man held responsible for Cecil’s death had already also killed another lion, a leopard, and a rhino. He also has a felony for killing a black bear illegally.
  • He also claimed “this activity which he loves was completely legal” … why did he try to destroy the GPS tracker then?

How can you help?? You can either spend time volunteering, donate some money or advocate the cause. Check out these links:

  1. Wildlife Conservation Research Unit
  2. Volunteer Projects
  3. Take a gap year abroad and give hands on help to these big cats!
  4. Get involved through National Geographic
  5. World Wildlife Organization
  6. Donate 5. Take a high five selfie. #5forBigCats
  7. Kevin Richardson


Courtesy National Geographic and Save the Rhino.

Study mode on?

I’m facing the biggest exam in my life soon. The USMLE exam will be my Smaug killed by Bard, Sauron defeated by Frodo?.. Or was it Gollum?? Anyways I’m getting off track already.


For the people that don’t know, the USMLE is a licensing exam that’s one of the biggest exams in a med student’s lifetime. Studying progress for it seems to range day to day and the crazy hermit in me seems to increase as my top knot reaches new heights.

Some days I can get some exercise in my day and cover all my topics for the day and be proud of the productive day I just had. Those days are then followed by the days where the practice Uworld question blocks make me feel like running away and hiding in my orderly, architecturally sound blanket fort.

I guess its the process and even my friends have accepted my hermit life till the exam is done. However let me ask you guys reading this: have you guys written an exam you really had to work your butt off for? How do you keep at it, like doesn’t motivation seem really fickle? Also what do you listen to while studying? Some people like absolute silence, but speaking for myself; if I’m not listening to an audio or a video of a lecture, I love listening to music while I’m reading up on the different kinds of diarrheas.  Is diarrheas a word? Can diarrhea be pluralized? Is pluralized a word?? Let me know, and ignore the crazies that’s coming out in this blog. The crazies will settle down after the exam is conquered.

Peace and love always ✌

~ Div

Over coats over load!

This time of the year, over coats are making their way back onto the streets. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine with different textures, whether stiff or loose, collared to button downs, or playing up the bold colors vs sticking with neutrals. The beauty about these coats is that there is so much of variety. As unique as every person is with their identity and style, outerwear in many forms can be a way to express it all. Here are some of my favorite looks in variety of colors, textures and prints.

Screenshot (12) Screenshot (13)Screenshot (14) Screenshot (15) Screenshot (16) Screenshot (17) Screenshot (18) Screenshot (19)


What to wear- Meet his parents

Hello Lovelies! 

So you’re meeting your main man’s family, that is a pretty big day! First impressions last, and so you have to make it a good one! Personality apart, dressing well is a huge plus. I know for me, if my guy shows up in sweats and or a dirty shirt to a family dinner, my parents won’t be too thrilled. So without further ado, here are my five simple rules on what to wear to meet his parents:  

1. Be in the neutral zone. This means that if you’re in the habit of dressing for a walk to the park as if you’re on a runway at the New York fashion week: tone it down. On the other hand, if your walk to the park consists of the pajamas you’ve been in for the past couple days: tone it up.

2. Be comfortable. This is not the time to try on the low boot cut super skinny jeans you just bought. This is also not the time to break into your 6 inch high heels. 

3. Accessorize smartly. Last thing you need while eating supper at the table is your jewelry singing the song of its people. Chunky, spiky and/or flashy jewelry you should save for the night out you deserve after this meeting.

4. Avoid very lows and very highs. Your boyfriend dating you is proof enough to other people that you are a female. No need to display excessive cleavage and/or your newly shaved thighs. Save that for your audition tape for Jersey shore

5. Smile. When you exude happiness and confidence, it reflects onto other people and is also very contagious.  

Here are my top three looks, just for example sake.  

Screenshot (5)


Screenshot (6) 

Screenshot (7) 

Till next time 


What to wear while flying

Hello Lovelies,

Since I have had the privilege to travel a bit, I thought this would make a nice first post.  In the long hours of flying, I need to take care of comfort as well as style. I usually have a sweater or light throw on in case things get cold on the plane and also it works as a great blanket. If its during fall or winter and even spring I usually have a scarf with me to get cozy with. My scarves are usually brighter in color and set apart from my usually earthy/ neutrally colored outfit. Also if you’re sitting next to someone with bad BO, then the scarf comes to the rescue. Has happened to me on multiple occasions unfortunately. Next we come to shoes. Now you may see models or some very fine ladies wearing sky high heels at the airport. Usually this just makes me envious wishing I could rock heels on flight too. But for whatever reason it just doesn’t work for me. And knowing my luck, if  I get delayed to catch my connecting flight, the heels would be just torture to run in. Despite comfort, another thing I absolutely hate to go through are the security check points. While they are there for obvious reasons, I dislike the long lines and the whole process. So of course, I try to make things go smoothly. I have seen many women walk up to the security line all gorgeous in their heels, brand name bags and sunglasses, perfect hair and classy knee length coats. When its their turn, they have to take off all the layers before they go through the security check point. And suddenly they are a foot shorter and look completely different. If you’re stuck behind someone like this, it sucks. But as worse as heels are, boots are worse. Boots of any kind, shape and length hinder you from walking straight through the security. And if your zipper gets stuck while trying to get your boots off then… yea it’s quite embarrassing, especially if you’re a little socially awkward as I am . Boots were my first time travel mistakes. Never doing that again. No matter how many times I see women who can manage to pull heels and boots off; it’s just something I was not given the talent of. .

After much experiments on my outfits while flying, I have come to this solution. Avoid zippers, buckles, belts, excessive jewelry. You want to be dressed light, and easy to work with security, baggage claims, and sitting pretty for your plane to arrive.

Screenshot (1)

Screenshot (3)

Screenshot (4)

These outfits are examples of what I might wear to the airport. I like to keep things simple, classy and as always represent my style. If you want these outfits, visit If you want the exact details on the outfits, comment below 🙂

Pet Peeve of the situation: Running shoes! Lots of people do this which is totally fine, but I don’t think I ever can. It’s like I’m allergic to the idea of wearing runners if I’m not actually running. They’re a necessity at the gym, but anywhere else.. it’s not my thing.